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Admin Password: Unable to change


Hi, I have just installed V1.3.11 and besides being a newbie I managed to get through the installation and still be in one piece.

However, after reading the first story and then logging in as Admin I am unable to access any form of 'Admins Only', or 'User Functions'. The left block does not change to show the new items as expected when I log in as Admin.

I have searched the forums and have been unable to come up with a fix. I am not that conversant with php etc (learning) so any 'patient' help would really be appreciated.


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Are you sure you can actually log in ?

It seems more to me that you cannot login.

Have a look at these two FAQs.

I can't change anything!

I can't log in.
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Thanks for your response Knuff.

I agree. I cannot log in and I am trying to work through a checklist of things that I have found to try and sort this out. So far...

1. Cookies. I have enabled them (and deleted them), so I don't think they are the problem. I can access the demo site ok as an administrator (which may be a very naive conclusion?).

2. Firewall is filtering the cookie. This may be my problem.....I do not see any cookies appearing ......I modified $_CONF['cookiedomain'] = www.abc.com but still did not see any cookies....I then modified it to = .xxx.abc.com and again no cookie. I have been to other geeklog sites and I am definately getting cookies so it MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH config.php. Thats where my newbie status really hurts. I have no idea what to change or where to start.....help?

3. Use of frame forwarding. This is not an issue.

4. Whitespace in config.php and lib-common.php. I have checked and re-checked.....no whitespace ( I had this issue during install so I know what I need to look for)

5. Earlier version of geeklog. Not an issue.

6. php.ini. I am not sure about this. My service provider does not give me access to this file as far as I know....and as for resetting the web server ...I don't think they will allow me to do that Wink

So, if anyone can point me in the right direction to set up cookies then that may help me. I will look through the FAQ etc to see if there are any postings in the meantime....


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