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Can't blog to blog this?

Derek Pye

When I try and blog to my recently installed blog this I get this message
"Could not parse response for "blogger.newPost". Please check the console log for more information."

I'm using ecto 2 on Mac OSX.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, the blog plugin is a bit out of date and doesn't work correctly with Geeklog 1.3.11.

Here's a quick fix:

At the top of the index.php file, right after the require_once('../lib-common.php'); add
Text Formatted Code
require_once ($_CONF['path_system'] . 'lib-story.php');

Then, search for COM_whatsRelated and replace it with STORY_whatsRelated.

See if that helps.

Also, ecto uses one method that the plugin doesn't implement. I think if you post something, it will try to read that post back but can't because of that missing method. So you will get an error message, but the post will make it to the site nonetheless.

Updating that plugin is somewhere on my long to-do list ...

bye, Dirk

Derek Pye

Thanks Dirk

But it still doesn't work

Let me know when you fix it and I'll pay.



Derek Pye

Ahhh - it kind of does.


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I went ahead and implemented GetPost for stories. It actually worked the first time after correcting syntax errors. I think that's a testament to a nice design on Dirk's part.

I used ecto 2.2.3 (Mac OS X) as the client. It has a nice console window so you can actually look at the xmlrpc requests and responses going over the wire.

I don't know if I personally need to implement GetPost for anything besides stories (i.e., static pages, journal entries, or faq entries), but if I were, it's not immediately obvious to me from the code how I'd go about figuring out which kind of post the postid parameter refers to. Any suggestions?

I think I'll go ahead and implement DeletePost for stories as well.

Does anyone want me to post my hack here? It's just edits to index.php in the blog plugin.

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