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Multifaq: Edit Q&A--text not saved

Matt S.

I am having a problem with multifaq. I have it installed seemingly OK, but when I try to edit a Q&A entry, most of the time it will not save the text I change. The form seems to submit OK, but when I re-examine the Q&A the text has not changed.

The problem seems to be sensitive to the contents of the Question and Answer fields.

For example, take these examples:

Question: Test
Answer: test.

[this is ok]

Question: Test
Answer: 'test'

[this won't save]

An entry with NO punctuation seems to work.

There is nothing in the GL error log, MySQL error log, or the Apache logs.

The only weird thing about my installation: I installed multifaq, noticed the German language was there, uninstalled it, commented the line out of the install.php that added German, and reinstalled by just executing install.php again in the browser.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

- Matt S.


The issue are the quotes. The Multifaw currently allows HTML to be entered, and the quotes are interpreted. You might have to use HTML carachters for the quotes

see http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/entities/special.html

Matt S.


I thought about that, but those are single quotes... shouldn't they be OK? I
can't even find an extended code for non-curly-single-quote. Nonetheless that
does seem to be the problem.

Does not work:

<p>This isn't a <b>test</b>. OK, it is.</p>

Does work. Note extended code for close-single-quote:

<p>This isn&#146;t a <b>test</b>. OK, it is.</p>

Does work. Note the curly quote. Though isn't it rude to put curlies in your

<p>This isn’t a <b>test</b>. OK, it is.</p>

Anyway, thanks, I guess that was it.


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wouldn't is just be simpler to escape special characters in $_POST before it hits the database?

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