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dead project--New Photo Gallery

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Quote by machinari:
Quote by Benta:
Not sure what he means, but it brought bandwidth leeching to my mind.

PHP can't off course prevent people from linking to a picture on your site and using that picture on their pages without consuming any of their own bandwidth, because PHP is not involved in that process.

Actually this sortof one of the reasons I put the albums outside the doc root. Images are read into the page via a PHP script (start of solution) and that script requires proper access (user validation or as you say, mod_rewrite in an .htaccess, which is the rest of the solution). This way hotlinking doesn't work.

ok, that is brilliant! but harder to code, i guess. at least i don't know how to do it...


Woah; first it was alive, then dead, now alive again. It's frankenphoto. Or photostein. Wink

I was looking for something "better" than the 120x140px picture upload that GL used; something that took five pics or so and could resize to something appropriate AND could pop up a bigger window on click. Something between what's there and what you're crafting Smile I don't need to deal with different layers of security or with full-blown albums. Any ideas where I should be looking?

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Quote by Rustifer: I was looking for something "better" than the 120x140px picture upload that GL used; something that took five pics or so and could resize to something appropriate AND could pop up a bigger window on click.

Erm, you know that you can change the size? And that Geeklog can keep the unscaled images, using the rescaled ones as previews? Check your config.php ...

bye, Dirk


d'oh. No, I didn't Smile That'd be awesome. I'll go look.

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Quote by machinari:
Quote by Mikez: 1. Needs to have a way to convert Gallery to your plug.
I'll deal with that when I'm done
Quote by Mikez:2. Permissions per user/group-per - photo/album/sub album.
Quote by Mikez:Also make it were you can save changes to all sub-albums
good idea--will do
Thanks Mr. Green
Quote by Mikez:Able to turn linking on and off. (I prefer on. But most I think well want off)
You'll have to explain what "linking" is
Many sites like yahoo have made it were people can not use your site as a photo host. They well get a X or a add from the host
Quote by Mikez:3. Able to make Sub albums but also a way to have a information block that can read whats new properly.
you want integration into the "whats new block"?
Yes 1 of the problems with gallery is when you make a hack for the whats new block.
There has always been a problem with it reading changes to Sub-albums.
And the few that did find a way ended up breaking Geeklog security and showing link/pics to photos that they was not suppose to have access to.

Quote by Mikez:4. It well be great for sites like mine that give users Albums in the Gallery to customize there space.(No big deal if you don't)
per album themes will be available
Quote by Mikez:
5. I really like to see something that well auto make a album when they have been given a group access. So I don't have to make them every time a user gets to that point I let them have 1. Make sure at first they are the only ones that can see it tell they change the permissions.
Users who are given access (via a group or otherwise) are able to create and edit their own albums. They can also moderate any submissions to their albums if any.
But can it get out of hand and they make a bunch of galleries were they make it look trashy. See in Gallery you can give them a Album and what they do in that 1 album, who really cares. lol but if there doing it to the main index. That can become a problem for some people that abuse the right.
Quote by Mikez:6. FTP drop well be great.
Haven't done it yet, but on the list. You'll ftp your stuff, but you wont see it until the "scan dirs" button is clicked on the album management page--at least that's my plan so far.
thats cool
Quote by Mikez:7. A way to sort.
sort options are available from the album editor.
I think I well have to see it and see how it works on the site
Quote by Mikez:8. An Archive option for people that leave the site but you don't want to lose the pics.
I don't agree that this is practical, but if you want to convince me, go for it.
3 good reason
1. If there is a fluke with the site. Say some newbie or even a plug-in submitted a delete command for a/all users. lol It's easy to back up a database. But not a gig website from an ftp
2.The user somehow hit the delete account button thinking it was save. (It happened 3 times this month lol)
3.For some reason the owner of the site liked the pick. And don't want to lose them. But also don't want to copy every pic they like, that a user submits.
Just for good messier
4. We always run into new problems. This may save a site 1 day. lol

Quote by Mikez:9. When someone is deleted, It will delete the album also unless you have Archive on.
the archive concept notwithstanding, a deleted user's albums will be deleted.
Quote by Mikez:10. Something that well tell them they have comments to there pic.
I haven't begun with the comment engine yet, but will encorporate gl's comment api's. When I get there I'll look at some type of notification--won't be email.
I prefer a block that tells them like private messenger.
You may even want to add a function for people with PM.
Like how the forum well now PM you instead of email if you want.

Quote by Mikez:11. For sites that give user access, a way to add like the lattice pics added to there album in there profile page.
I'll add something to the profile page, not sure what yet. maybe just links to latest media uploads or recently modified albums.
Thats fine. If we want it deferent. The function is there.
We can edit it


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1 last thing.
Gallery also lets you upload movies.
The reason I am saying this is because it handles them a bit deferent.
Instead of trying to make a pic out of it.
You can't change the size of it. lol
And it well show a thumbnail of a movie projector.

(geeklog has img off)

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What is the latest eta on this plugin?
making my contribution today Cool

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subscribe to this thread for progress reports and an occasional pic.

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