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index.php and public_html/


Here is a noob question for ya:

Can I have my geeklog be www.myurl.com/index.php? The install has my index.php file inside of the public_html/ directory, making my geeklog's url www.myurl.com/public_html/index.php.

I have some annoying problems because of this. For instance my "home" link in geek log is aimed at www.myurl.com/index.php, and obviously it doesn't work since the file is in the public_html/ directory.


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That's easy...just put everything that's inside "/public_html" simply inside "/" .
Then tell config.php's $_CONF['path_html'] to use "/" instead of "/public_html" .

Actually, I've just opened a new site and thought to do the same, but I figured putting endless files and folders directly inside "/" would just guarantee a chaos.

Just imagine what a pain it would be to delete just those specific files and folders before upgrade to new versions!

So I decied to just leave all of Geeklog's public files and folders in a folder of its own. I ended up calling it "/main" instead of "/public_html" and left it at that.


If you are using Apache, you can define a VirtualHost, with ServerName www.yourhost.com and DocumentRoot /path/public_html. See the Apache documentation. It is easy to do. I think the same can be do with IIS.

So, any time you access http://www.yourhost.com the request will go to the public_html.

Sorry, my english is bad, but I hope you undestand me.


You have both been very helpfull. Thanks! Chest-Slam Celebration

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