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I'm using Geeklog for a Mac OS X tips site (http://osxtips.shift.it) and I would find useful a plugin that let the WAP visitors see a trimmed down version of the site with just the text of the stories.

I'm running also a site based on mambo ( http://www.shift.it ) and I've installed a WAP plugin that let you see just the frontpage stories without all the graphics ( http://www.shift.it/sito/wap ). It works very well and substantially, I think, take out of the database just the stories text and display it.

It's possible that someone haven't thought about such a plugin for Geeklog?

many thanks

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Hmm, this could also probably be done with a suitably simple theme for mobile users? Although a plugin woud be better I imagine. I've thought about it often, but never done anything about it. Perhaps this would be a commercial extension...?

If it were a plugin, you could add a bit of code to the header to detect for mobiles and type, then serve suitable content from the plugin...


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There is a PDA theme here.

It's not a plugin, but it's something.


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Just a simple tip for those of you who wants to add some mobilephone/pda-support for your geeklog-site.

I first wanted to have the ability to read last ten news from one of my sites on my cellphone.
Found out that the directory.php script was suitable for this.
(This doesnt give support for XML, just for newer phones with xHTML-browsers)

By commenting out referenses to COM_SiteHeader and COM_SiteFooter, and make the script print some html (title, logo etc), and adding "&mode=print" to the linkmaker for the article-view, you get a neat and clean page on your phones browser who lets you read all the sites news. I did also comment out links to comment and article in printable.thtml to avoid users from trying to load the whole portal.

The next to do is to place a script in header.thtml who redirects to wap.php if the user agent is cellphone/pda...
Ive tried some suggestions I got, but didnt make it function.
Has anybody some hints for how to do this?
Precent Ive set ut subdomain wap.site.com who redirects to wap.php, but would like to get this to work without subdomain.

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