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Bringing improvements into the next version?



I have been wondering on the way hacks and feedback are beeing considered to e implemented into future versions of geeklog, beeing it 1.3x or 2.

How does the team process code improvements that are posted in the hacks section? Do the users have to become developers? Is there a public list of features available that will be implemented? What is making the difference of a feature beeing not implemented in 1.3x but in 2?

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For GL2, specifically we are still in the discovery stage. We are getting feedback from the community, developing requirements, designing the solution and writing the code. As such, there is a lot of room for variablity (and scope creep). If you have feedback, input, questions or concerns then post them to the GL2 forum. If you wish to help write code, the best way to get started is go to irc.freenode.net in #geeklog and look for me (IA-Outdoors) and I can assign tasks.

If you wish to contribute to GL1.3.x you can send existing code modifications to geeklog-devtalk and Dirk will get them. If you want to contribute to 1.3.x on a regular basis, join the same IRC channel above and look for dhaun (Dirk's IRC Nick).

If you have more questions, please ask. Glad you have some interest in helping!

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Quote by tokyoahead: How does the team process code improvements that are posted in the hacks section? Do the users have to become developers? Is there a public list of features available that will be implemented?

As far as decision making goes, it probably helps that the current 1.3 core team members (that would be Tony, Blaine, Vinny, and myself) are pretty much on the same wavelength. So if someone suggests a feature, it's usually just nods all around: "Go ahead and do it".

As for input from the community, I can only repeat the plea to submit bugs, feature requests, and patches on our trackers over at project.geeklog.net. While I do read about 90% of all forum posts, some things just get lost in the amount of posts here. So the trackers are the first place I'm going to look for things to do.

For example, I saw that you posted something about improvements to the calendar. I haven't had the time to look into it yet, but I kept the forum notification email for that post to look into it at some date. However, I have a backlog of about 400(!) such posts. Also, the calendar isn't exactly very high on my (personal) list for anything other than bug fixes, so unless I see some support / demand for those changes to go into the next release, they probably won't make it (at that point, I wish that GForge would already support voting for bugs and feature requests - let's hope they implement it some day).

There is no public to-do list, I'm afraid. I have a rough idea of things that I want to be done (see below), but most of the time, things are done somewhat spontaneously (but usually on the background of what you, the users, post about in the forums and on the mailing lists).

Off the top of my head, here are a few random things I'm currently working on or at least thinking about:
  • I'm currently doing a review of the admin/*.php files, mostly for parameter filtering, but also for minor improvements and bug fixes
  • From the amount of posts the topic had, it's probably about time we're doing something about the timezone problem. But I haven't really looked into it yet.
  • Same goes for the search timeouts (with huge databases and / or when searching for common phrases)
  • On the geeklog-devel mailing list, we've discussed the idea of an "Admins's Toolbox", i.e. for an easy way to add scripts that do maintenance work to the Admin block.
  • The PEAR-related email problems that some people are having are bugging me, but unfortunately, I don't have these sorts of problems on the servers I have access to. So my guess is that it's mostly a setup issue on the server side. I'd like to see these sorts of problems resolved (or at least reduced) for the next release.

So that's a quick insight on my current thought processes. To keep up to date with development and the directions it's taking, I'd suggest subscribing to the geeklog-devtalk and geeklog-cvs mailing lists as well as hanging out on IRC, as Tony already suggested.

bye, Dirk

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