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If this is a weblog, then where are the rss2.0 news feed options? Please advise..


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Try the Feed Writer Classes


Thanks for the fast reply..

What is the guesstimated time of configuration for geeklog? I know it is a ongoing thing.. I just want to get an idea.. also if I add all these options to the current geeklog download.. what happens when I want to upgrade to GL2? Will it be like phpbb? where I am screwed and if I upgrade it will break more then works?

Just want to get the info on this before I spend the next 24 hours configuring it.


also does this program allow titles and groups on the forums for admins or developers that have specific permissions that are not for normal users? Can I turn off anonymous access to read or view posts?



Might want to look into the signature area as well.. Unless I am doing something wrong or there is some learning curve, I should be able to just type my signature with line breaks and have it show up proper and all..

Its the little things that really make a difference.

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Jesus you are an annoying prick.

Read the FAQ like I did and make your own decision. I've installed literally 30 CMS sites jsut to see what i liked and hated.

Personally so far I really like it. It installed fairly easy. Not as easy as some, but by far much easier then others. Its not so chock full of features you dont know what to do with it. Its advertised as a "more secure" CMS. IT seems like its going to fit my needs exactly. I'm happy I dont have to keep looking finally.

Damn dude.
Stand on your own two feet.


Hey dick head.. this is a forum.. you ask questions.. that is why they are here.. so go *censored* yourself.. I have installed and forgotten more about php then you will ever know..

Someone always has to open their damn mouth and be a jackass..

Stupid A$$

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Can we avoid the name-calling, please?

Depending on the sort of access you have to your webserver (ftp or SSH), a Geeklog site can be setup in as little as 10 minutes (a little longer if you only have ftp access, mostly due to the time it takes to upload all the files). With a little tweaking, you should still come in on under an hour.

GL2 is still a long way away, so we can't tell exactly what the upgrade path will be. But rest assured that we will ensure that you can carry over as much of the data (stories, users, etc.) as possible. After all, we're all running Geeklog sites ourselves and want to keep our stuff intact, too ...

The forum, like almost any other plugin, uses Geeklog's permission system, so yes, you can have private forums for certain groups of users, etc.

Signatures are currently plain text only.

You may want to hop over to opensourceCMS.com and try out Geeklog there (you can log in as an Admin user there, too). They don't have the forum installed, though.

We're still planning to set up a fully-fledged Geeklog demo site (including the forum and some other plugins), but haven't found the time yet ...

bye, Dirk

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