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Migration to new hosted machine from w2k to Linux

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Hi gang.

I was wondering whether anyone can share with me what would be a recommended best practice for me to do this?

I have to move my GL from my own server to the new hosted server. So, I have mysql backup of my old server and I would like to somehow restore the backup and all of the published information included the forum, username, etc to the new server.

Adding some small twist to that. My old server is a win2k base and I'm moving it to the Linux base. Also, my old server is GL 1.38SR2 and I'd like to install the latest and greatest GL which is the 1.3.9.

Base on what you guys have done in the past, what would be a recommended way to do this cleanly? aside from -->

Install everything included all the plugins included Gallery, in the new hosted machine, then do a SQL restore? Any gotcha that I need to be aware of? Please advise..

Many thanks in advance..

The Dude


anyone? Hello?


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Here's what I've done in the past...

First, go to the plugins admin and disable all but the staticpages plugin.

1. Back up everything!!!!
2. Check that the backup works!
3. Backup your MySQL DB and put it in a safe place (and then check it)
4. Download GL 1.3.9 and uncompress, setup your config.php and lib-common.php with the proper paths.
5. Import your backed up database.
6. Go to www.yourdomain.com/admin/install/install.php and choose the upgrade option.
7. make sure everything works and reinstall all plugins by downloading them, copying them to /path/to/geeklog/plugins, public_html and admin/install/.
8. Pray that it all works properly.
-- destr0yr
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams

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Thanks Destroyer.

It works except I would like to change one thing. Make sure that before you run the GL upgrade installation, the SQL dump has already been performed and all of the plugins that you previously had are already installed. No need to configure the plugins though. Just install.

I didn't do it and I ended up having to remove the dbase and reimport the sql database. It's a pain..

Have an issue with the forum though. For whatever reason it didn't looks right, and the upgrade php error me. So since I don't have much in the forum, I just killed the whole database and reinstall forum from scratch. Oo, BTW, previous forum version was 2.0 and the new one is 2.3.. Now I have to figure out how to dump the info back to the forum without mess it up.

Also my Gallery is looking funny now. For whatever reason its no longer inside the GL block. Not sure whether it's because it's not officially integrated with 1.3.9 or pilot error. I'm waiting for someone like Dirk or Vinny to comment on it..

Thanks again for your help..

The Dude

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