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you claim to be security minded and say register_globals does not affect the security of your application.

if you were security minded, you would see that peddling a popular product still using register_globals is harmful to the internet as a whole. you contribute to the continuation of register_globals on most hosts. so just because it does not affect your application, it is not all fine and dandy.

aware and glad you're fixing this for version 2; but the arrogance of your stance made me feel obligated to comment.


What an arrogant statement!

First, who are you talking about? Geeklog is a community.

Second, what's wrong with claming "security minded" as long as that is the goal of the creators, and you contradict yourself by saying, "glad you're fixing this for version 2."

Get a life!


Yeah! Evil And as long as we're griping, what about those darned new car air-conditioners!? I really liked the old ones! Sure, I know the new ones are SUPPOSED to help the environment and all, but I still hate them.

And don't get me started on the fact that McDonald's is getting rid of Supersizing things!


I am talking about whoever wrote the Geeklog Security page clearly linked from the sidebar.

And FYI, if you understand english at all there is no contradiction between my points and my being glad that it is being fixed for version 2; they are in fact complimentary statements.

Here are extra clues to help you in gaining intelligence:
Despite our requirement for register_globals being on, Geeklog is very secure. In fact, to date we have not had any security reports that demonstrate that our reliance on register_globals was exploited.

It is this which largely angers me; whoever wrote that page is too arrogant and self-centred to see that by abetting the continuation of register_globals on most hosts they are making most hosts less secure.

Any PHP developer worth anything will agree that any maintained application still requiring register_globals is substandard, backwards and damaging to the internet.

My statements come from experience, not arrogance.

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