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Strange comments problem with 1.3.8-1sr4


I have a clean install with everything working except the comments. Now here is the thing:

I can post a comment without any error codes showing but the comments don't show on the page. So I started checking things and found that the comment is actually stored into the database but it has a SID field that does not correspond with the SID field of the related story. When I copy the correct SID from the story to the SID field of the comment then it shows on the page.

So it seems that Geeklog is putting a wrong SID code into the comment record.

Any thoughts on this ?


OK, so we debugged the problem ourselves. Still not sure where the problem originated but here are our findings:

We did put an echo statement into comment.php to see if anything was showing. The result was that even as the URL in the browserbar was showing the correct SID, the echo in the page showed a different (semingly hexadecimal) code. This is with Mozilla on my own workstation. Someone else here tried the same but got the correct code echoed. Next, on my own machine using another browser (Firefox) I also got the correct code echoed. This made me think that it might be Mozilla related, but on the other machines with same Mozilla version we got the correct code.

After digging a little bit deeper I found that no matter what comment option I choose I got THE SAME SID every time. This made me think about cookies, so I found a stored cookie for my site with the strange hexadecimal code stored as SID. After deleting this cookie everything works correct.

Some ideas: I seems Geeklog is storing the SID for comments in a temporary cookie. Mind you I didn't review the code so this is pure speculation. Maybe Geeklog does not check to see if the cookie already exists so it could update it or delete it before setting a new one. If this is true then the system will break whenever a SID cookie is not correctly removed and Geeklog will reuse the wrong cookie.

I hope you guys can use this info.


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Quote by Peter: I seems Geeklog is storing the SID for comments in a temporary cookie.

No, it doesn't (and why should it anyway?).

Not sure what happened there, though. Do you remember the name of that cookie?

bye, Dirk

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Note that with register vars on a Cookie variable will overwrite Get and Post variables so a cookie with 'sid' in it would cause lots of problems.



Quote by Dirk: Not sure what happened there, though. Do you remember the name of that cookie?
Ype, the cookie was named 'SID'. That was how I found it right away. Strangely enough, after deleting it I haven't been able to find it again.

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