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Do you have a primarily members only site where you want the default for all stories, events, links, etc to not be viewable to anonymous users?

Well, there is currently a bit of an oddity in the default setup for most submitted items.
The ['perm_anon'] = 2; setting is always checked, so when your editors or story submitters submit content, they will forget to uncheck and expose content to the public unwittingly.

Do the following:
Search for $A['perm_anon'] = 2;

Text Formatted Code
Searching for: $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminblock.php(190): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminevent.php(101): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminevent_ORIG.php(99): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminlink.php(100): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminstory.php(152): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladmintopic.php(93): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
public_htmladminpluginsstaticpagesindex.php(71): $A['perm_anon'] = 2;
Found 7 occurrence(s) in 7 file(s)

Text Formatted Code
Replace this:
$A['perm_owner'] = 3;
$A['perm_group'] = 2;
$A['perm_members'] = 2;
$A['perm_anon'] = 2;

With this:
$A['perm_owner'] = 3;
$A['perm_group'] = 3;
$A['perm_members'] = 2;
$A['perm_anon'] = 1;

I replace the perm_group to CHECKED for READ and EDIT since you want your Story Admin or Event Admin group having rights to go back and edit their own posts later!
For some reason this is defaulted to EDIT off, which makes no sense to me.


Would be nice if this was added to the config, e.g.

$_CONF['default_perm_anon'] = 2;
$A['perm_anon'] = $_CONF['default_perm_anon'];

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If your setup involves placing everyone in the story admin group, I would leave perm_group set to 2. Owners can always edit their own posts, but by setting perm_group to 3, you allow all story admin members to edit all stories.

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