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Axonz Theme - To table or not to table (fyi).

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Ok, here is my dilemma. I have been working on a purely CSS theme for a few months now, and either due to my lack of CSS knowledge, or the limitations of CSSP, I can't seem the rectify one bug in my theme.

The center column, does not resize depending on the existence of the right or left blocks. So it's always 60% of the window, and 15% away from the left... whether there is anything there or not.

A few people have graciously provided some interesting fixes to this, one of the better solutions, used javascript to apply a different css style to the center column depending on the visibility of the left or right blocks...

Against my comfort level, I'm going to add one table, to help out the layout... at least until CSSP develops more.

Why am i posting this here? Aside from maybe creating some extra awareness about this issue (I'm posting something similar on my site) but mostly i think, because i needed to vent... and cleanse my CSS soul - as it were.

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I LOVE the Axonz red theme! The only problem I have had is with some of my subscribers who have older browsers (most subscribers are incredibly NON-geeky). In IE 5.5, there is only one column on the left. The center blocks extend 50% beyond the right side, etc.

A table to force the columns into position may be a safe bet. I had thought about re-writing parts of the theme to incorporate it, but felt a little like the kid who wanted to colorize a DaVinci charcoal.

Let me know if I can help!

(See what I have done so far with adaptations of the theme at www.inSPIREministries.com/stkweb1
www.Scripturetoolkit.com www.inSPIREministries.com

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