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PostNuke, PhpNuke, Envolution and Geeklog -> my own words


I love the CMS systems and I love PHP. I remember starting with PhpNuke earlier and then saw PostNuke and then I came across Geeklog. One thing I have to say is that the geeklog.net site is so much better thought out than the others. When I wanted to learn how to write a block, there is a resources block on the main page of geeklog.net and I had no problems finind documentation. With PostNuke and PhpNuke its a different story. I am not even mentioning Envolution - cause that is HELL. You cant find anything usefull unless you spend hours and hours digging through unorganized website. Yes it looks good to the eye and some sites have done a great job utilizing phpNuke, PostNuke and Envision, but jesus christ - its a MESS to figure out how to find modules to download and blocks. I say all this cause I am very dissapointed at PhpNuke and Postnuke administration of their own site. ITs messy, disorganized. Geeklog - on the other hand is so much easier to install, utilize. The site is very helpful and if you have questions, you dont have to go through the messy unnecessary blocks...you can just go to forum and its all there. I really dont know how to put it in writing. My experience with geeklog is very very positive, and even if PhpNuke and PostNuke offers a bit more, its the user experience thats totally messed up with those products. Sorry about the language, but I wasted all day trying to compare PostNuke and Envision and I didnt get any positive results. Envision is just a hell in hell when it comes to instructions and help. Any comments? Paul www.WebTrainerPlus.com

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Paul, Right On! Also, PHPNuke and its derivatives are promoted as having a TON of modules, however, it has been my experience that the majority of the modules I tried just did NOT work. Maybe by chance I picked the wrong modules but others have mentioned this situation. One more thing - GeekLog is extremely stable and secure, which can\'t be said of the Nuke Things.

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I feel exactlty the same. I was about through with CMS\'s in PHP after fumbling through Nukes, Mambo, Envision, etc., and installed Geeklog and wow! My host provider, opensourcecms.com has demos of all the major php cms\'s out there. So I tried literally all of them. This is too good.
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Heck yeah...Geeklog rocks! It works better then some Cots products I have been forced to use, both in performance and ease of installation!

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