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Help again, lol.. plugin Mdigest

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I downloaded and installed the mdigest plugin but it is chocking on a bad SQL statement. Once again, I'm sql-retarded so I'm having trouble finding exactly what's wrong with this one... I tried opening phpmyadmin and running this manually and i get the same error that shows in the log. Here's the sql statement: SELECT tid FROM gl_topics WHERE (owner_id = 12 AND perm_owner >= 2) OR (group_id IN () AND perm_group >= 2) OR (perm_members >= 2) OR (perm_anon >= 2) Here's the error:Thu Apr 24 17:56:36 2003 - 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND perm_group >= 2) OR (perm_members >= 2) OR (perm_anon >= SQL in question: SELECT tid FROM gl_topics WHERE (owner_id = 12 AND perm_owner >= 2) OR (group_id IN () AND perm_group >= 2) OR (perm_members >= 2) OR (perm_anon >= 2) I'm still trying to figure it out and maybe I'll fall in to it by luck but in the meantime, can someone look at this and see if they already have a clue? Thanks much!

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The problem is this part of the SQL statement: group_id IN () There should be one or more numbers in the parenthesis there. Do you have anything unique in the way you have GL setup??

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That SQL statement is not part of the Manual Digest plugin - it's in function COM_emailUserTopics() in lib-common.php. As rawdata already pointed out, the empty group list is the problem here. My guess is that you have at least one user that is not a member of any group. However, any user should at least be a member of the "All Users" and "Logged-in Users" groups. bye, Dirk


Hi guys, thanks for the info. I did figure out that there was something missing there but I didn't know (couldn't determine) where that particular sql statement was coming from. Appreciate the help. andyofne


Strangely enough it was the "group admin" account that had no group assigned.

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