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More themes needed...


First off... I would like to thank the GeekLog team for creating such a great product. Looking at all the "other" products out there, GL is by far, head and shoulders above the rest. Easy to install, clean interface, great community support. The only thing I find a bit lacking is the amount of themes available for GL. There seems to be only about 20 or so out there (a few less that work on 1.3.6). Unfortunately, I am not experienced enough yet to create my own (or more importantly, artistic enough)... but I am willing to try. Is there any way to convert themes from these other products (ie, PostNuke, phpNuke)? Or is just easier to start from scratch / existing GL theme? Thanks again for GL. Edge

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On last count, I came up with 29 themes available for download. I have a list on my (German!) Geeklog site if you're interested.

I don't know anything about how themes work in *Nuke, so I can't comment on how easy (or not) it would be to make a converter.

Having made 2 themes myself, I can tell you that it's not that complicated. You only need to change a handfull of files to make a huge impact. Have a look at the documentation - the relevant files are listed there.

bye, Dirk


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I dunno about phpNuke, but when I was using PostNuke, it's theme system sucked(my personal opinion only). It was easy, but there was far less freedom for variation, i.e. every theme still looked like every other postnuke site. I'm not sure how it is these days. Since I started using and developing for GL back in Febuary of this year, the number of themes has grown from 4 to 29(as Dirk pointed out). That's pretty darn good actually, and bodes well for the system as a whole. Also, taking a 1.3.5 theme and upgrading it to 1.3.6 capability is as simple as reading the documentation in the 1.3.6 release. Smile I also plan on making all the publicly available themes available on my site(geeksta.com) at some point in the near future. Once I've done that, I may consider "upgrading" other author's 1.3.5 themes if they don't have plans for it themselves, but that is probably a while off, given the time constraints I'm under these days. Anyways, hang on if you don't see a theme you like, chances are, in the future, you probably will. Smile ---Matty

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