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User names being mangled randomly.


I have a problem on all of my Geeklog sites that is pretty much a show stopper. Whenever someone signs up for a name, they get "s/k1fXL6oLQ=" set as their user name. This seems to happen at random, and once it happens to one user, I'm not able to add any more and nobody can register. If I delete this user, the user above them in the list then gets clobbered. Last time this happened I had to go into MySQL and muck with the database, so I thought I configured something wrong. Now that it has happened again, I think something is actually wrong with geeklog.

The site that is currently affected is obversive.sourceforge.net and it has happened to other sites I run with geeklog. Here are the particulars:

  • A user will get their username set to s/k1fXL6oLQ= for no reason upon creation or modification.
  • Attempting to edit the name as admin fails. It continues to revert.
  • Deleting the user causes the previous user in the list to get mangled.
  • Attempting to add another user (no matter what the name) either causes Geeklog to claim that the user already exists (even though they aren't there). This is on /admin/user.php
  • Attempting to add them again with the page that results from the above operation produces the error: "1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 1". Again, /admin/user.php
  • I'm using geeklog version GeekLog v1.3.5sr2
I'll leave the database the way it is as long as I can. Please e-mail me if you'd like to muck around with it live in an attempt to debug the problem.

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We have that same problem occasionally here on www.geeklog.net, too. However, as far as I know, this has never happened anywhere else. In other words: This looks like a problem that is specific to sourceforge.net ... bye, Dirk

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This sounds something like a problem I had with my geeklog... I was using a cookie redirect (outside of geeklog) that set an username of "fst_warn." After using that cookie, every time I (or someone else) tried to create a new user, that user gets renamed fst_warn, and any other users I tried to create after that got me the "Already exists" message. Check your cookies... Perhaps the gremlin lies therein...
L. Whitworth

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