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Help, Please.


Help Please. 1st. I would like to have a guestbook built right into GL, so it wouldn't load a seperate new page, and it could just have like Sign GBook, View GBook in a little Block/Box, and then it would just go to like a topic area, still with all the blocks around and stuff, but in the middle, the guestbook there. 2nd. I'd like to make a section where people can upload photos they have taken, or artwork they have done. How can I do that? 3. I'd also like to be able to list a Member Directory. 4. I'd like to set up a cam portal in my GL. 5. Maybe even a chat too.

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Most of what you want is available as a plugin or other addon for Geeklog: There's a guestbook on gxblock.com, I think. You can have albums by integrating Gallery into Geeklog. Even chat solutions have already been discussed.

I suggest you spend some time with the search function here on www.geeklog.net ...

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Dammit.. Dirk beat me to it Wink But I've typed it out now so I'm damn well posting anyway Wink

1. Guestbook - check out the Geekbook plugin which you can download (and see in action) at GXBlock.com, this offers an integrated Guestbook within your Geeklog environment.

2. Photo uploads - you could install Gallery and integrate it with Geeklog (the instructions are available at Squatty.com in the downloads area, this has a feature where you can setup a publicly updatable gallery to allow people to upload photos/artwork.

3. You mean just a list of members? Certainly GXBlock has a neat hack to display all members who've added a photo to their profile - not sure if there's one for just listing members.

4. I'm not aware of any Camportal type additions to Geeklog yet - might be an idea for one of the plugin developers if they're at a loose end, though? Wink


Alan -- alan@goddammit.co.uk

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