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Problem with integrated Gallery 1.3.1 in GL 1.3


After having some troubles, i succeeded in installing and integrating Gallery 1.3.1 in the last GL version. Everything seems fine, as long as you are a logged in GL user. As soon as I jump to my Gallery URL and am not logged, I get this error message: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/kunden/web413/html/geeklog/gallery/classes/Album.php on line 1037 The code responsible for this: function getPerm($permName, $uid) { $perm = $this->fields["perms"][$permName]; if ($perm[$uid]) { return true; } global $gallery; /* If everybody has the perm, then we do too */ $everybody = $gallery->userDB->getEverybody(); if ($perm[$everybody->getUid()]) { return true; } /* * If loggedIn has the perm and we're logged in, then * we're ok also. */ $loggedIn = $gallery->userDB->getLoggedIn(); if ($perm[$loggedIn->getUid()] && strcmp($gallery->user->getUid(), $everybody->getUid())) { return true; } return false; } Line 1037 is "if ($perm[$loggedIn->getUid()] &&" Since i am not really a good programmer, i have really no idea, where the error comes from. Maybe someone can help... please :-) mask


You can take a look at the error at
my gallery site.
Maybe it gets clearer, when you can try it yourself. My geeklog Site is at geeklog.mask.at
I tried with a test user, and got the same error as with no user. So by now, gallery runs only with the GL admin user account. Seems strange to me...


I solved the riddle with a little bit of searching. You can find a solution at this Thread.
I used a patch made for gallery 1.2.5 on 1.3.1. There were some changes in code so there is a new patch available for 1.3. at Langfamily.
Thanks for posting my help cries... mask

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