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Category: Themes
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Date: 2010-07-23 16:26
Size: 1.24 MB
Version: 0.05
MD5: 44be06ddf499c2a7d674d70111f72361
Submitter: ivy
Rating: 0.00
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Adeliae_en is based on the ProfessionalCSS_en theme for Geeklog1.7.0.
Some block design are added.
Original file is custom.css, images/custom/, functions.php and some templates for blocks.
Category: Add-ons
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Date: 2010-07-15 06:53
Size: 165.86 KB
Version: 2.1.3
MD5: b2591f150da101ed8a762c20b1f96862
Rating: 0.00
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Staticpages_formmail.php ver.2.1.3
formmail by staticpages.php. CSV output is available and more in README_en.txt
Category: Add-ons arrow Plugins
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Date: 2010-07-02 06:01
Size: 125.02 KB
Version: 1.1.1
MD5: fa5e3935e65c2a0c9485788795e53eb8
Submitter: ::Ben
Rating: 0.00
Popularity: 1037   POP
The PayPal plugin allows you to have an online product list and accept payment via PayPal.
Paypal plugin 1.1 what's new
* Added public folder setting
* Purchase history for users is now available
* Paypal errors are now log
* Added dynamic images for the link checkout with paypal
* Added css files to style the shop and the cart
* Added jquery feature for ajax
* An ajax Cart is now include
* A block with a cart view is also available
* Images uploader
* Support jquery lightbox (need jquery plugin)
* Online config
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Date: 2010-07-01 15:44
Size: 4.94 MB
Version: 1.7.0
MD5: c73865f5acde0bf3160f70f8a82bb42b
Submitter: Dirk
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 4445   POP
Geeklog 1.7.0 now supports PostgreSQL (in addition to MySQL and MS SQL), provides re-authentication when the CSRF token expires, and includes various other improvements.
This is a complete tarball, to be used for fresh installs and upgrades from all pre-1.7.0 releases.
md5 checksum: c73865f5acde0bf3160f70f8a82bb42b

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Category: Add-ons arrow Hacks
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Date: 2010-06-03 09:03
Size: 1.30 KB
Version: 1.0
MD5: cb6cb9718e8c429d330904234b3b2727
Rating: 10.00(1)
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This is a simple hack to add asocial networking link for your site and for each article on your website.