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Date: 2007-07-28 03:26
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Version: 02.141
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Greenery is a fluid width, 3 column layout theme which places both left and right blocks to the right of the main story column. This theme really struck me with the image down the center. It helps to draw your eye down the page. I can visualize some interesting variations where the image will transition into the background color, giving the effect of the end of a brush stroke. You only need to change 2 images and the link colors to give it whatever feel you want. It is meant for 1024x768 and higher screen resolutions. I have tested it in Firefox2 and IE7. In other browsers, your mileage may vary.
All credit goes to the original author(s), snop and whowrotewhat at http://www.oswd.org/designs/search/ke.../greenery/