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Date: 2005-07-27 01:51
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Version: 1.3.2
MD5: f7f83d22f3021cbbb2c58b1e7e1a2005
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This plugin collects statistics on who visits your site, what browser and operating system they are using, which pages they view, and which links they are clicking to get there. It allows the administrator to browse these stats through a series of tables, getting right down into the data.

v1.3.2 [25 Jul 2005]
* [fix] query strings were being ignored [bug introduced in 1.3.0]
v1.3.1 [22 Jul 2005]
* [fix] installation failed on MySQL < 4.1.0 [reported by Curly]
* [new] update the user agents table
o reflect the better detection of Windows varients from 1.3.0 [i.e. change all occurrences of 'Windows NT 5.0' to 'Windows 2000', 'Windows NT 5.1' to 'Windows XP', etc.]
o recognise Windows Vista
o add WebTV, SymbianOS, and some bot detection