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Date: 2005-02-14 01:53
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Version: 1.3.2
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Update 1.3.2 02/13/2005:
Primary Category Images were missing modified code to access protected store. (Modified filemgmt/index.php)
Screenshot Image in Admin Edit was not yet updated, this has been corrected

Update 1.3 02/10/2005:
Corrected Bug where if Mode was not supplied nothing happened (Modified admin/plugins/filemgmt/index.php)

Update 1.2 02/10/2005:
Added Protected Store functionality to Category and Screenshot Snaps, removed some useless code, added documentation lines to files.

Update 1.1 02/09/2005: Now Compatible with FireFox browser

www.Zplace.com is using this code changes if you would like to see (or rather not see the differance) the only visable differance is that there is no 2nd window opened unless it is a txt or graphic type file.

The store is not acessable from a URL, thus security can be used to restrict who can download individual files. *Please note this hack does not impliment this change it does how ever enforce filemgmt.user rules you may have placed*

Future development will hopefully enhance file security by allowing group access policies to be set on filemgmt categories.

downloader.class.php included with Geeklog is a bit more complex then I like. I like nice simple code so anyone who looks at my code can go oh hey I get it...that said some of my older stuff is terrible hehe So I will continue to supply my own.