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Date: 2005-01-08 08:27
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Version: 1.0.5IEfix
MD5: 68e3da4440bc2d61cb1c6e977ce14ac5
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This release addresses a couple of IE compatablility issues.
This is the DailyQuote plugin for GL 1.3.9/10/11. It's most basic function displays a random quote in a PHP block or a center block. It is configurable to deliver much more functionality than simply displaying a random quote, e.g.: quotes may be cached; quotes may be searched and displayed; quote submissions may be moderated; permissions are configurable; and more. New to this version is a backup/restore function.
# Features (not exhaustive)
* Retrieves quotations and related information from one's own database not relying upon any other web sites, and displays those quotations on the plugin's index page together with the by-line as well as contributor information.
* Can also display a random or cached quote (cache time is configurable) in a center block, or a PHP block.
* Quotations can be categorized and can belong to multiple categories.
* Quotations are searchable by keywords, personalities, contributors, etc. Quotations can also be sorted on the main index page according to various criteria.
* Users have the ability to add to your collection.
* Users have the ability to add multiple quotations at once.
* DailyQuote 1.0x has taken advantage of many of GeekLog's plugin API calls. The " What's New" block as well as the native GL search engine and stats page are all supported and more... The plugin makes use of its own moderation system and is fully configurable with respect to permissions.
* Configurable permissions allow or disallow members and/or anonymous users to add and/or view quotations.
* A backup and restore function as well as a table data integrity checker keeps your plugin functional.
* This plugin was designed with GeekLog 1.3.9x in mind, but is 1.3.10/11 compliant.