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Date: 2004-12-20 15:30
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Version: 0.0.1
MD5: a48d5292295ef04718f0edfe0bb06c8b
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glcmi (Geeklog Copyright Managment Information) is a plugin/mod that:
1) Allows authors to select from a system administrator provided list of licenses when posting articles or comments.
2) Allows administrators to change licensing information and author attribution on articles or comments.
3) Displays the user selected license when showing articles/comments.
4) Adds cmi.add, cmi.edit, cmi.list, and cmi.delete perms to allow CMI moderation by groups of users.
5) Creates two groups during installation - CMI Admins and CMI Moderators. CMI Admins can add licenses to the system, CMI Moderators can alter CMI on existing posts.
6) By default adds cmi.list perms to All Users so that any user can select licensing information when posting, even anonymous posters.