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Date: 2011-08-13 09:13
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Version: 2.8.0
MD5: ea275a98ce23d1de6dc5974aaec604a9
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This plugin adds a native forum to your Geeklog installation.
Highlights of the new features in version 2.8.0:
- Correct HTML (passes W3C Markup Validation)
- Supports XHTML
- Support of new core search engine
- Supports XMLSitemap plugin
- Supports Geeklog auto install feature
- Supports Geeklog site migration feature
- Updated smileys and rank icons
- Updated Geshi to version and added Python highlighting
- Integrated the configuration with the geeklog configuration UI
- Cleaned up the graphics directory and removed hard-coded text from images
- Bumped up the MySQL requirement to 4.1+
- New translations: Danish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish