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Anonymous CVS working again

  • Thursday, May 13 2004 @ 03:30 am EDT
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Geeklog Anonymous CVS is now working again (Thanks, Tony), as are the nightly tarballs. Please note that the CVS root has changed, so that you either need to fix your local copy first or you'll have to check out everything fresh again.

Vinny has been doing a lot of optimisations recently and we'd like to hear some feedback on that, please. So if anyone is feeling adventurous, please have a go and try it out.

Important: The CVS version is currently not stable - it's working, but things like database tables may change without notice at any time. You really, really should not run this on a production site. Running CVS versions is for those who know exactly what they're doing - anyone else should really wait for the first Release Candidates (which are still a while away).