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Geeklog Database Editor

  • Monday, September 16 2002 @ 02:54 pm EDT
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Announcements I created this little tool to make it easier to edit the Geeklog Database. From the README:

DBEdit is a small powerfull editor for the the Geeklog Database. It has been tested on Geeklog 1.35 and 1.36 and should work on other versions also.

CAUTION: this editor performs no checks or transforms on your data. It will allow you to edit/change anything except primary keys.

You can use it to bypass all of Geeklogs built in safeguards for those times when that is desirable. In other words -- you can enter any thing you want into a story/block/link etc.

You can do the same thing with phpMyAdmin or various other tools, but this has some advantages.

  1. It is only one file and can be moved completely out of the html tree when you do not want to use it.
  2. It requires no configuration if is is placed in the admin directory in a standard install.
  3. It uses Geeklog authentication (only root users can access it).
  4. It gives access only to the Geeklog Database.
  5. All access and actions are logged to the Geeklog error log.
Installation is simple. The editor consists of one file and requires no changes to Geeklog. Place the dbedit.php file in you public_html/admin directory. Or you can place the file anywhere in you html tree as long as you edit the path to lib-common at the top of the file.

Access it with http://path.to.geeklog/admin/dbedit.php or where-ever you placed the file.

Thats it.

Some notes:

Only root users can access dbedit.php.
Only tables with a primary key can be edited -- those few without a primary key can be viewed only.

You can get download it directly at dbedit_1 .0.tar.gz or through my geeklog page: Geeklog