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  • Arizona Celtic Cultural Association (1,741)
    The Arizona Celtic Cultural Association (ACCA) has been formed to promote Celtic heritage and culture in Arizona by establishing an association for those organizations with this common interest.
  • Cedko - Cartoonin' The World! (1,550)
    Cedko is an online community for cartoonists. Enjoy!
  • Raphael’s Village (1,412)
    Raphael’s Village was developed to help our community heal by maximizing our relationships with each other and with you, the reader. Through the years of violence, crime, civil unrest, the wars, pan-demic disease and families being torn apart, many are left traumatized with no where to turn. Sometimes it is unclear if others feel the same way. We hope through this website that we can share some of our experiences, solutions and ideas to help you through some of the rough times. Think of Raphael's Village as a place where you can find a friend.
  • The Digital Rag Daily (1,724)
    From hand coded monthly postings in 1994 about the then-new commercial Internet in Canada, the Digital Rag has progressed to using GeekLog
  • The Irish Cultural Center (2,453)
    The mission of the Irish Cultural Center is to provide a link between the people of Arizona and the people of Ireland and other Celtic cultures. Programs, classes, festivals, exhibits and special events include history, music, art, dance, literature, drama, crafts, language, travel, sports and traditional activities.
  • Transsexual and Transgendered Support Site (1,178)
    transboutique.com is a transgender/transsexual support forum that is also dedicated to educating the general public on issues regarding gender roles and identities, to supportive discussions of people who find they don't fit in the "binary gender model", as well as a place where their friends, family, co-workers, teachers, parents, spouses, and children and ask questions and hopefully find a few answers.

    The term "transgendered" encompasses everyone who the general public perceives as crossing gender barriers, from cross-dressers to post-operative transsexuals. It does not concern sex or sexual orientation, which are different issues.
  • Wheels for Independence (2,186)
    Disability Issues and lifestyle.