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Question: Emails don't arrive

Answer: When emails sent by Geeklog (e.g. the registration email new users get when they register with your site) don't arrive, then it's usally for one of the following two reasons:

  • The email was getting caught in a spam filter.

  • The email wasn't sent in the first place, i.e. there was a problem with the mail server setup

To check if you can send email at all, try sending emails through the various options in Geeklog, e.g. "forgot password", email story, email user.

If none of these emails arrive, you may have a problem with your mailserver setup. See the FAQ article Configuring email for the various options you have in Geeklog. If nothing seems to help, try contacting your ISP or hosting service.

In any case, check your spam folder first. Some of Geeklog's email, specifically the registration email, are often caught by spam filters. In that case, it often helps to switch to using SMTP (see the above FAQ article for details).

Also, some ISPs have very strict spam filters and may not even forward the message to you, so also try to send emails to different email addresses at different ISPs.

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