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Question: Unfortunately, an error has occurred rendering this page. Please try again

Answer: Starting with version 1.4.1, Geeklog has its own error handler. In case a server-side error such as an SQL error, syntax error, etc. occurs, it will simply display a message

Unfortunately, an error has occurred rendering this page. Please try again later.
We're doing this so as not to expose any sensitive information that could be used to exploit the problem.

The downside, of course, is that it makes it much harder to figure out what went wrong, especially when you've only just started installing Geeklog.

Once you have logged in as an Admin user (or any other member of the Root group), the error handler will not kick in when an error occurs. In other words, Admin users will always see the full error message, including all the (possibly sensitive) details.

If, however, the problem occurs before you had a chance to log in, you can edit your config.php file and change the $_CONF['rootdebug'] variable like so:
$_CONF['rootdebug'] = true;

This will disable the error handler and display all the details even if you're not logged in.

Important: Make sure to change the setting back to = false once you've resolved the issue!

Geeklog 1.5 and later

In Geeklog 1.5.0, the 'rootdebug' option is now located in the Admin's Configuration panel:

Configuration > Miscellaneous > Debug > Root Debugging

If the problem occurs before you have been able to log in and change that option, then you best bet is to edit lib-common.php and find the line that reads

if( function_exists('set_error_handler') )

Change the 'set_error_handler' to something that does not exist, e.g. by adding an 'x' in front of it: 'xset_error_handler'. Geeklog should then display the error in plain text in your browser. Don't forget to revert this change once you resolved the problem.

As of Geeklog 1.5.1 this awkward procedure is no longer necessary and you can set $_CONF['rootdebug'] in your siteconfig.php if necessary (which will override the option in the Configuration).

Common causes

A common cause for this error message is if you forgot to change the require_once line in lib-common.php to point to your config.php (see the installation instructions again for details). In this case, changing $_CONF['rootdebug'] won't help either, obviously (as Geeklog doesn't yet know where your config.php is and therefore can't see the changes you made there).

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