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Question: Duplicate plugin menu entries

Answer: Starting with Geeklog 1.3.10, there are two ways to list the menu entries for plugins in Geeklog's menu bar:

  1. By using the {plg_menu_entries} variable in the header.thtml template file of your theme.

  2. By adding a plugins entry to the "Menu Elements" in the Configuration (or to the $_CONF['menu_entries'] array in config.php for older Geeklog versions). In this case, the plugin menu entries will be added to the {menu_entries} variable in header.thtml.

As a consequence, if you have both a {plg_menu_entries} variable in your theme's header.thtml and added the plugins entry in the Configuration, you will see duplicate menu entries for the plugins.

Solution: Remove either the {plg_menu_entries} variable or the plugins entry.

Also see How do I change the menu?

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