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Question: About the Topics block

Answer: As the name suggests, this block is meant to list all the topics on your Geeklog site - and nothing else.

To add new topics (or change / delete the existing topics), log in as the Admin user and from the Admin block, choose "Topics". You can change or delete the 2 default topics, "Geeklog" and "General News", as they are not required. You do, however, need at least 1 topic on your site to be able to post stories.

If you're looking for a way to have both topics and other links in one block, check out Tom Willet's Menu plugin.

Another option is to simply create a new block (choose "normal" as the block type) and simply enter HTML links in there. The "Resources" block on geeklog.net is an example of such a block.

The only built-in option for the topic block is that you can hide the "Home" link by setting

$_CONF['hide_home_link'] = 1;

in your config.php.

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