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Question: How do I change the language?


1. Language Files

All text strings used by Geeklog (with the exception of the date and time - see below) are stored in language files which can be found in the directory /path/to/geeklog/language. To change the default language used by Geeklog, you have to set the Variable $_CONF['language'] (in your config.php) to the name of the language file (without the .php extension), e.g.
$_CONF['language'] = 'japanese';
Please note that users can change their preferred language in their preferences - the above is only the default setting for new and anonymous users.

It's possible to disable the language selection by setting
$_CONF['allow_user_language'] = 0;
in config.php.

2. Locale (for date and time)

To display the date and time in a language other than English, you have to set the $_CONF['locale'] variable (again, in config.php). The exact value for that variable depends on the operating system that your Geeklog site is running on.

For most Unix systems, it's typically a two-letter abbreviation of the language, followed by a two-letter abbreviation for the country. So, for example, 'fr_FR' would mean French (fr) as spoken in France (FR), while 'fr_CA' would be French as spoken in Canada (CA).

BSD-like system prefer to have the character set to use attached to the locale, e.g. 'es_ES.ISO_8859-1' (Spanish / Spain, character set iso-8859-1).

On Windows, the full name of both the language and the country is used, e.g. 'German_Germany'.

If you don't know the proper locale / two-letter abbreviation for your language and country, try searching Google.

Please note that not all hosting services support all languages, especially if your hosting service is located in another country.

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