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Question: What are the system requirements for Geeklog?

Answer: Geeklog requires PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL, and a webserver that works with these.

PHP: The minimum PHP version required is PHP 5.2.0. Geeklog currently does not support PHP 7.

MySQL: The minimum MySQL version required is 4.1.2.

PostgreSQL: Geeklog will work with PostgreSQL 9.1.7 or later.

MS SQL: Geeklog will work with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later. Please note that at the time of this writing, only a small number of plugins and add-ons support MS SQL. If in doubt, please check with the plugin author.

Webserver: Geeklog is known to work with the Apache, Zeus, and Microsoft IIS webservers. As with the other components, it is suggested to use the most up to date version available at the time you're reading this.

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