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Question: How do I find out my paths?

Answer: Geeklog's "new" install script (as of Geeklog 1.5.0) was written such that in most cases you don't need to find out the paths yourself - the install script will do that for you.

If, however, you separated Geeklog into two portions (the contents of public_html and all the rest) so that the install script can not find the db-config.php file, it will ask you for the complete(!) path to that file.

In this case, the install script will display a few helpful hints just below the "Continue" button. See if you can derive the proper path from the information displayed there.

If you have shell access to your webserver, another way to find out the proper path is to change to the directory in question (i.e. the one where the db-config.php resides) and enter the Unix pwd command, which will print out the current path.

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