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Question: About the Geeklog mailing lists

Answer: A variety of mailing lists are available for different Geeklog-related topics.

Please note that due to the high volume of spam (not to mention the occasional worm / virus) you will need to subscribe to those mailing lists before you can post there. And please make sure you are posting from the same address that you used to subscribe to the list, or your post will be discarded automatically.

The following lists are available:

  • geeklog-announce is a low-volume mailing list, reserved for important announcements only. This is the best way to be informed of new Geeklog releases.

  • geeklog-users is a general discussion list. You can ask for help here, give feedback, etc.

  • geeklog-translations focuses on issues related to translating Geeklog into languages other than English. The developers will also post information here to keep translations up to date (such as new or changed texts in Geeklog's code).

  • geeklog-modules is aimed at topics related to plugin development.

  • geeklog-devel is where the developers are discussing Geeklog's current and future development.

  • geeklog-cvs tracks all the changes in Geeklog's source code repository, so this is the best way to keep up to date with the latest code changes. This list is not intended to be used for discussions - post to geeklog-devel instead.

  • geeklog-spam is the place where we discuss established and new practices against that pesky web spam.

Note: The geeklog-devtalk mailing list was closed in January 2007 and replaced with geeklog-devel (which is now open to everyone).

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