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Question: What are the different block types for?

Answer: Normal blocks are just blocks where you can enter some HTML or plain text that will then be displayed in the block. If you enter HTML, make sure the very first character in the block is a '<' sign (of an opening tag). Otherwise, Geeklog will think it's plain text and will insert unwanted line breaks.

PHP blocks let you call a PHP function and display that functions' output in the block. The PHP function should be added to the lib-custom.php (not lib-common.php). Please note that the function's name must start with phpblock_ and that it must return the content of the block instead of outputting it directly.

Portal blocks let you display the contents of some other site's RSS feed in a block. Simply enter the URL of the site's feed in the appropiate place. RSS feeds are only retrieved once per hour.

See Content syndication for more information on how Geeklog can import and export RSS feeds.

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