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Question: How do the polls work?

Answer: In order to prevent manipulation of polls (or at least make it harder), Geeklog does two things when you vote:

  1. It stores a cookie
  2. It stores your IP address

Both the cookie and the IP are valid for a certain amount of time (see below) and during that time, you can't vote again on the same poll.

The amount of time your cookie and IP are stored can be changed in the poll plugin's config.php file:
$_PO_CONF['pollcookietime']    = 86400;
$_PO_CONF['polladdresstime'] = 604800;

Both times are in seconds, i.e. the cookie is valid for 24 hours and the IP is stored for a week.

In setups where more than one person uses the same computer or the same IP address, you can set one (or both) of them to 1.

Please keep in mind that any poll can be manipulated, so you shouldn't take the results too seriously.

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