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Date: 2008-11-06 03:34
Size: 1019.46 KB
Version: 2.1.0
MD5: 8c9c020aa73030ddd9ad1f5761ee1d38
Submitter: hiroron
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I made to corresponding geeklog1.5.1 it that Chameleon plug-in exhibited in www.gllabs.org
More considered basic accessibility.
And cope to add style pack by Zip file.
Chameleon can change to select layout of page , style of menu and block , color , logo ,etc.
And it can to add style pack by yourself.
* About to add style pack
At first select style type from add style pack. Next check a manual entry and push the save.
Thirdly upload style by FTP Software to the directory position of a message (it is English, but thinks it whether You understand it because it is PATH) appearing after a save.
By this procedure You can add a style freely.
(From ver2.1.0)Can add a style to appoint a ZIP file.
(From ver2.1.0)Can add custom style of layout too.
* How to simple install plug-in by automatic installer.
At first download file (recipe) for an automatic installer from there( http://hiroron.com/filemgmt/index.php?id=148 ).
Next drag a file to the screen which started an automatic installer.
Recipe for Chameleon plug-in : http://hiroron.com/filemgmt/index.php?id=148
automatic installer(wkyGeeklkogInstaller) : http://hiroron.com/filemgmt/viewcat.php?cid=3
* Install/Usage
Please Look at a bundled INSTALL.