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Date: 2005-11-19 09:04
Size: 3.96 KB
Version: 1.3.11sr2
MD5: e4cf9c4ddb59712cc89c32f663c7fd5e
Submitter: zap
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GeekLog lacks a language selection feature for anonymous users. This patch adds a new value 'language' for $_CONF['menu_elements'] which displays a drop-down combobox with a list of available languages, which is available only for non-registered users (registered users can change the language in their settings).
Also this patch adds a language selection drop-down combobox during user account registration, which makes simpler the initial account setup (especially for non-computer geeks). This combobox is not displayed if $_CONF['allow_user_language'] = 0, or you can remove it from users/registrationform.thtml, if you don't want it (don't see why you wouldn't, though, if you allow custom user languages).

This patch also fixes a small bug in printable.thtml which sometimes causes a wrong encoding to be used in printer-friendly version of an article.