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Date: 2004-04-02 01:00
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Version: 2.3_01
MD5: c01a8bb3d794efb7600a519c57fe73a4
Submitter: Turias
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This is just a theme I threw together during the 2.3 release candidate stages of Blaine's amazing Forum plugin. I hope to eventually make it mostly CSS, but I'm dealing with tables, for now. Feel free to modify and redistribute it as you see fit. Also, please send any suggestions/comments/fixes my way by e-mailing or PMing me through www.geeklog.net.
The current coloring is designed for the Smooth_Blue theme, but it is extremely easy to change. I specifically designed it so that it would look good with many different Geeklog themes. To make it work with your theme, open up additional-forum.css and change all instances of #333366 to a dark color that goes well with your theme (for example, #A50000 goes very well with wOOge's Axonz-RED layout).