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Category: Themes
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Date: 2004-12-11 04:10
Size: 278.42 KB
Version: 1.3.10
MD5: ead99023b46faed35e98ee7da6090789
Rating: 5.50(2)
Popularity: 2094   POP
based on the gameserver layout, this orange and gray theme, which sports a cool bg pic, is now 1.3.10 compliant.
Category: Add-ons arrow Plugins
Tags: -
Date: 2005-08-07 11:30
Size: 20.42 KB
Version: 1.3.0
MD5: 42ec341992de0e390608028ebba37629
Rating: 0.00
Popularity: 1194   POP
This plugin adds an Amazon search box to your site, using your Amazon associate IDs from the various amazon sites to produce links to products.

Why do this instead of using the search thing provided by Amazon? Because with this plugin, the results show up on your site, with your theme and the links it creates give you a premium of 2.5% when people purchase through them.

v1.3.0 [01 Aug 2005]
* [fix] Amazon recently made a change which made all searches but the .com site stop working properly
* [new] added amazon.co.jp
* [new] moved to a newer version of the Amazon API

Please read the readme file for more details.
Category: Themes
Tags: -
Date: 2007-08-28 13:56
Size: 278.89 KB
Version: 01.141
MD5: 16eef4d6d571d1d6ef3c76686542b065
Submitter: bong
Web: -
Rating: 0.00
Popularity: 1615   POP
Andreas08 is an open source xhtml/css website layout by Andreas Viklund - http://andreasviklund.com . I have ported this theme as study for a tutorial on Geeklog Theme porting. Thanks to geiss.
Category: Add-ons
Tags: -
Date: 2003-06-01 04:53
Size: 1.30 KB
Version: 1.0
MD5: b36029c7fdc367e308d231cbb36d8847
Submitter: Dirk
Rating: 8.00(1)
Popularity: 1371   POP
This is a simple block that displays only the number of registered users to anonymous visitors. Visitors will need to log in to see the names of registered users who are online.
Category: Themes
Tags: -
Date: 2004-02-02 01:57
Size: 206.59 KB
Version: 1.3.8sr4
MD5: 645c17fbe1e51daa4f8a9178ccab601b
Submitter: vbgunz
Rating: 8.00(1)
Popularity: 1932   POP
This theme has a css based design so to load quickly on your site. You can see it in use over at my site http://aeonserv.com. No screenshot has been made. I hope you enjoy it :)

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