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Category: Themes
Tags: -
Date: 2006-10-24 01:55
Size: 269.25 KB
Version: 1.40
MD5: 62dfd67700bbf64b5b0569a3bca46da1
Submitter: ::Ben
Rating: 10.00(2)
Popularity: 2167   POP
Garden is now available for download!

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Category: Add-ons arrow Hacks
Tags: -
Date: 2006-11-25 05:50
Size: 26.14 KB
MD5: 2f127494ff77bde4769a729581b39358
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 783   POP
This is a multilingual installer for Geeklog-1.4.1b2. English and Japanese language files are included.
USAGE: Uncompress the archive file into your admin/install directory and run http://yoursite/admin/install/install.php.
Category: Add-ons
Tags: -
Date: 2006-12-07 08:00
Size: 11.43 KB
Version: 0.1.3
MD5: 06a7afbbd2b0470121127e247fcd61fd
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 1346   POP
This is a bug-fixed version of Google Sitemap Generator. The users of the older versions should update to ver 0.1.3.
Tags: -
Date: 2006-12-17 11:46
Size: 3.46 MB
Version: 1.4.1rc1
MD5: c8108b2c2846fa237bcb7c7a6f311309
Submitter: Dirk
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 1788   POP
This is the first release candidate for Geeklog 1.4.1
Please note that this is not the final version yet and may contain bugs. If in doubt, download the latest stable release (currently 1.4.0sr5-1) instead.
md5 checksum: c8108b2c2846fa237bcb7c7a6f311309
Category: Add-ons
Tags: -
Date: 2007-01-31 03:47
Size: 1.09 KB
Version: v1.0
MD5: 9b24befe79addafac00bc75468cfc5c7
Submitter: ivy
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 894   POP
phpblock_lastarticles() shows Last articles.

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