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Category: Add-ons arrow Plugins
Tags: -
Date: 2002-12-01 12:23
Size: 27.62 KB
Version: 1.61
MD5: d8cccdcdedfb58ed24c2f54eec1af4a2
Rating: 9.00(1)
Popularity: 5188   POP
Menu Plugin that allows creation of sub-menus and sub-topics and has multi-lingual capabilities.
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Date: 2009-11-22 12:06
Size: 4.81 MB
Version: 1.6.1
MD5: af873bc17a071b370f4a5e2ac1ff5112
Submitter: Dirk
Rating: 1.00(1)
Popularity: 4964   POP
Geeklog 1.6.1 is a recommended upgrade for all users of 1.6.0, addressing several bugs while also adding some new features.
This is a complete tarball, to be used for fresh installs and upgrades from all pre-1.6.1 releases.
md5 checksum: af873bc17a071b370f4a5e2ac1ff5112
Category: Add-ons arrow Plugins
Tags: -
Date: 2003-08-04 13:15
Size: 387.80 KB
Version: 1.0
MD5: 275b2cc566461b40cedcaf77aef784ff
Rating: 8.67(3)
Popularity: 4599   POP
Weather is a Geeklog plugin for displaying weather information made available from the National Weather Service (http://weather.noaa.gov). The Weather plugin is based off the Open Source phpweather project.

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Date: 2010-07-01 15:44
Size: 4.94 MB
Version: 1.7.0
MD5: c73865f5acde0bf3160f70f8a82bb42b
Submitter: Dirk
Rating: 10.00(1)
Popularity: 4593   POP
Geeklog 1.7.0 now supports PostgreSQL (in addition to MySQL and MS SQL), provides re-authentication when the CSRF token expires, and includes various other improvements.
This is a complete tarball, to be used for fresh installs and upgrades from all pre-1.7.0 releases.
md5 checksum: c73865f5acde0bf3160f70f8a82bb42b

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Category: Themes
Tags: -
Date: 2003-09-23 13:33
Size: 232.44 KB
Version: 1.0
MD5: d7c43a181080dc8433cd4ba379ea2a2f
Submitter: destr0yr
Web: -
Rating: 8.67(6)
Popularity: 4538   POP
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Supports Dynamic Menus (Create your own dynamic tabs), Supports HTMLArea, Personalized Menu bar. Spiffy Design.