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Date: 2002-12-01 12:22
Size: 1.67 KB
Version: 1.0
MD5: 41130ad3c554a5ce16da920a6e71699c
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External Plugin Polish language file courtesy of Robert Stadnik
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Date: 2003-03-03 09:39
Size: 14.34 KB
Version: 0.1.2
MD5: 46988d0f95845d60d0fa5e31bd20ef1c
Submitter: Tony
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Romanian Language for geeklog.
Section admin e incomplete but u can manage, I think..
Used on: http://www.dak.host.sk
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Date: 2003-03-12 17:00
Size: 12.25 KB
MD5: f8a1d183f1f24c519463ad2a5dcd6d20
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This is the Simply Chinese (gb2312) language page for GeekLog!
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Date: 2003-03-14 03:58
Size: 13.80 KB
Version: v.2
MD5: 28548bfdac41390bb9d09c9920c6f92b
Submitter: Gest user
Rating: 10.00(1)
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this is a corrected french translation from the original file provided with  Geeklog 1.3.7sr1.
I corrected mainly errors in fonts (accents) and a lot of spelling errors.
You can check the result on my glsite at http://www.tramasure.ch
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Date: 2003-04-15 05:20
Size: 16.65 KB
MD5: 077fcd9b974582562ab928cf503b64a7
Submitter: Robin
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Fixed problem with polls buttons.

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