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Nextide releases Nexpro suite as public download

  • Wednesday, May 21 2008 @ 12:25 pm EDT
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Nextide is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of the nexPro Portal suite and immediate availability for un-restricted downloads.

You can now download the full Nexpro suite and the individual nexpro plugins. While nexPro has always been offered wihout a license fee, there was a requirement to purchase an annual support agreement and now, that requirement no longer exists. We are still offering our premium support and custom development services, sites that need a higher level of service should review our Service Offering.

The Nexpro suite is an integrated version of Geeklog with all of our plugins pre-installed as part of the single download making it a simple matter to just enable the plugins you want. Nexpro version 1.1 is still based on GL 1.4.1 but all of the plugins have been tested with GL 1.5. The nexpro suite and plugins provide unique business oriented features like:

  • nexFlow: workflow engine with graphical workflow editor
  • nexForm: online forms designer allows anyone to add simple to very complex forms with no programming
  • nexContent: Feature rich CMS plugin used to manage all of the site content on our nextide site.
  • nexProject: Integrated project management - Gnatt charts, delegated tasks, disussions and more
  • nexFile: Document management with flexible permission controls and version management
We have much more detail on our site and encourge you to check out our site blog, documentation wiki and plugin overviews.
There are video tutorials that provide a good overview. A demo site has been setup that fully restores once a week and has a number of example workflows, forms and nexContent created pages. Feel free to login as admin and test creating your own forms, workflow and nexContent pages and let us know what you think in the Nextide discussion forum.