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FAQ 1.0.1 and GL-Utility 1.0.1

  • Thursday, August 03 2006 @ 09:49 am EDT
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Plugins I have worked with GeekLog for a few years now and I have developed a number of custom plugins for several sites. For quite some time I have been thinking about releasing a few public versions of a few of the plugins. At the same time a new site for this has been created.

So the first two plugins to be released at PluginCMS are FAQ 1.0.1 and GL-Utility 1.0.1.

FAQ 1.0.1 is a completely new plugin, not to be confused with Blaine's old faqman plugin. My FAQ plugin does the same thing as the old faqman but it also uses the geeklog security model so you can restrict access to categories or even single questions if you like. The pugin can also import faqman topics if you like to switch to the new plugin.
NOTE: At the moment the faq IDs are changed when importing so old faq autolinks will not work. Something that will be fixed in later version of this plugin.

GL-Utility 1.0.1 includes a few utilities I've used att several sites packaged into a single plugin where each feature may be turned on/off as you wish. Features include last logon time in user profiles and statistics page, log file view/reset and the rebirth of the MT-Blacklist for Spam-X. If you maintain several sites, updating the personal blacklist soon becomes quite time consuming. Hence you can rely on my updated new blacklist (updated by me whenever I need it updated) or you can maintain your own blacklist. The GL-Utility plugin then lets you re-import the new blacklist with a simple button click. Much easier than keeping several personal blacklists up to date.