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  • Wednesday, June 30 2004 @ 01:54 pm EDT
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Geeklog Talk, Talk, Talk!

Thats about all the Geeklog Documentation efforts have resulted in so far. After reading amckay's Beginner's Guide to Programming Geeklog, I was prodded to do something about it. So I set up a wiki for Geeklog Documentation. I have almost finished adding the Plugin Developer's Guide and have fleshed out an outline. I have other scattered documentation I will add and plan on incorporating the current Geeklog Documentation into the wiki. That, however, is far from adequate. So now I am asking for your help completing it.

You can find the wiki at http://www.pigstye.net/wiki and soon you can reach it at http://wiki.geeklog.net. Go there, sign up and you can immediately start adding/editing stuff. The wiki is MediaWiki which has capability to upload and use graphics. Have at it. I installed the wiki and added most of the Plugin Guide in about an hour, its not hard.

Plugin developers and programmers -- log on to the Wiki and create a page about your plugin and point to where you can download it, where to find support, etc.

Besides people like myself who looks at things from a programmers point of view, we need users and administrators to fill in the holes. So come on, quit gripping about the docs and do something about it. If you have trouble finding the answer to something, add it to the wiki when you do.

Oh and by the way, don't think that my outline and postings are the last word, add to it, rearrange it, whatever. If you find a mistake change it, if you have an addition or note add it. If it would be usefull to someone else, by all means it should be there. Lets make this great.

By the way, if english is not your native language and you want documentation in your native language, you are more than welcome to add it. If you want to do this, contact me and I will give you some guidelines and expanded privilages so that you can moderate your language version.