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Professional Theme Released!

  • Friday, March 26 2004 @ 03:53 pm EST
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Announcements I've been working on a new theme "Professional". It is by far, the easiest theme to color in one quick swoop guaranteed. The theme has gotten it's name from the fact it incorporates some features in which most other themes inadvertently lack.

It's in a dark blue and light silver type color base. It can easily be changed to any other color you would like and for those of you who play and work with the calendar this is a theme in which you might never forget. It is really simple, clean and a straight forward design.

Please drop by http://aeonserv.com to gain a better understanding and preview of the theme in action. There is much to do but the current version (1.3.9) is stable for release. It is in the highest hopes you enjoy the work I've done and put into this theme. You can get it at http://aeonserv.com

Thank you
Best Regards